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From Beginner to Pro, FX College has a Trading Course for You

Trading Fundamentals
Trading Fundamentals

8 vital lessons to build a solid foundation and put you on track for trading success, including:

⦁ Trading terminology and key concepts
⦁ Markets and asset types
⦁ Intro to technical analysis
⦁ Understanding charts and indicators
⦁ Intro to cryptocurrencies
⦁ And more…

Skilled Trading
Skilled Trading

8 info-packed lessons to take your trading skills to the next level and beyond:

⦁ Full access to the Trading Fundamentals course
⦁ In-depth look at market indicators
⦁ Identifying and interpreting patterns
⦁ What actions to take to maximize returns and minimize risks
⦁ And plenty more…

Trading Pro
Trading Pro

14 insightful and powerful lessons that will transform you into a trading pro:

⦁ Full access to the Trading Fundamentals & Skilled Trading courses
⦁ Advanced indicators
⦁ Stocks, indices, and commodities trading
⦁ Trading Strategies and Psychology
⦁ Plus, so much more…

Amazon FBA

From a startup to a champion

Amazon FBA Amazon FBA Amazon FBA

Amazon StartUp is your first source of practical knowledge about an Amazon business. This is the most comprehensive online course found on the internet, designed to teach you everything you need to know to open your Amazon shop from scratch. And not only will you launch your business successfully, but you will also learn here how to manage it smartly and make it blossom. The program comprises seven modules, each of which includes online lessons, practical exercises, and tests assessing how well you understand the material.

Amazon FBA

Amazon Champion is a course designed for people who have already made initial steps in running a business on Amazon but who want to hone their selling skills and augment their profits. By signing up for this program, you will join our community, share ideas with successful entrepreneurs and receive advice from other Amazon sellers. You will also benefit from our experts’ guidance on selling on

Why Choose FX College

Interactive & Educational

High Value

Access to comprehensive courses covering all aspects of the trading markets at an affordable price.

Interactive & Educational

Successful Track Record

Thousands of our graduates have left our academy with the skills required to significantly grow their wealth.

Interactive & Educational

Interactive & Insightful

Our interactive video courses provide you with a deep understanding of the financial markets.

Interactive & Educational

Multilingual Instructors

We provide instruction in a multitude of languages from experts from all over the world.

FX college education

Did you know that 70% of traders never achieve their goals because they don’t invest in education?

Learn to trade the right way with FX College and join the elite 30% who do succeed!

Premier Trading Courses

  • Comprehensive trading courses for all levels
  • Info-packed, high-value lessons
  • Learn to trade effectively and profitably
  • Reduce your risks and increase ROI
  • Learn online at your own pace
FX college education FX college education FX college education
FX college education FX college education

Extra Value

  • Plenty of support, assistance, and valuable tips
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of others with the online Community
  • Free tools, templates, videos, calculators, eBooks and much more, all for you to enhance your investing

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

Benjamin Franklin

Start investing in your trading knowledge with Fx-College

Top Lessons
Trading Terminology
Trading Indicators
Bitcoin & Crypto Trading
Technical Trading
Arbitrage Trading

What Our Students Say

 Rogelio Chavez

Rogelio ChavezLos Angeles, CA

“I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the Smith & Kent courses. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and skilled in their presentation of some very essential information. These classes allowed me to finally start trading profitably and with consistency.”

Sam Vigeland,

Sam Vigeland, Ashland, OR

“I had been trading for quite a long time and was no longer losing money. I didn’t really think taking courses would help me much, but I ended up signing up with Smith & Kent and it turned out that I was wrong. The courses were what gave me the extra edge to finally become a professional trader. I highly recommend Smith & Kent.”

Ronald Briddick -

Ronald Briddick - London, UK

“I had absolutely no prior experience with trading and zero knowledge of the financial markets when I first signed up for courses with Smith & Kent. But their courses were easy to follow along with even for a novice like me. I now feel confident in applying what I have learned to trade in the real markets.”

 Tia Lewis

Tia LewisSydney, Australia

“Signing up for courses with Smith & Kent was one of the smartest decisions of my life. I learned everything I needed to know to trade effectively within just a few weeks. Also, interacting with the community of fellow students and instructors was really what I needed to take my trading to the next level.”

 Thanh Nguyen

Thanh NguyenHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam

“I had tried several different trader education programs in the past. None of them really did the trick for me and I was still not able to remain consistently profitable. But, after just a month of Smith & Kent courses, I was able to greatly improve my trading results. Highly recommended.”

 James Block

James Block Toronto, Canada

“I was working my day job so much that I hardly ever spent any time with my wife and kids. I just wanted out of the rat race so I could just be with my family. While searching around for options to make better money, I found out about Smith & Kent. I had never thought about trading, but I was so desperate that I was willing to give it a try. After a month or so, I was able to start trading profitably. Now, I’m looking to quit my day job and trade full-time from home so I can be with my family. Top choice!”

 Ann Weatherspoon

Ann WeatherspoonBurlington, VT

“I had some experience in trading but I was far from an expert. I mostly lost money and I was starting to lose hope. But then a friend told me about Smith & Kent. I signed up right away. Within just a couple of weeks, I was able to develop a trading strategy that worked for me to consistently earn profit.”

Marianne Waterson

Marianne WatersonTampa Bay, FL

“One of the best things about Smith & Kent is the community of traders. Everybody was so welcoming and engaged. We really learn a lot from each other. Also, the courses were top-notch with really skilled and knowledgeable instructors.”

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